Create mechanical-poetic tools to [between]-see reality from a different perspective, imagining our senses perceiving otherwise, attempting topologic turnarounds, assuming the materials less thick , the movement more significant , the energy more palpable ...

Détail du mobile : Appareil à pluie
Détail du mobile : Grande Fenêtre

It pleases me to think that in the manner of the words of a sentence, the materials and movements are enriched by their confrontation and combine themselves - clarifying their meaning in the toil of their use – expressing an idea with no literal equivalent.

Détail du mobile : Reliquaire à Galaxies
This proto-language, between mime and rebus, shakes our senses and reveals us some strange super-powers (listen a form, measure the infinite, spin a shadow... ).
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Halfway between the experimental device of a cabinet of curiosities and surrealist sculpture, each construction develops its own story, small sketch or simple totem, both plausible and enigmatic.

Triptyque : Araignée d'eau
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